Bago, Myanmar (December 2019)

We had a fantastic week in Myanmar! Our team helped to build 3 bamboo homes for families in need.

Myanmar is among the poorest countries in Asia with one in four people living below the national poverty line. Most of the poor live in rural areas which also tend to be affected by civil conflict or natural disasters such as forest fires, landslides, floods and storm surges. 38.4 percent of houses are made exclusively from nondurable materials, which are unable to withstand floods and strong winds brought on by cyclones.

A 2011 joint survey by UNICEF and the Myanmar government in 24 townships showed that more than 60 percent of the population has access to improved water and sanitation facilities. However, 24 percent of households fetch water from unprotected wells or springs as a source for drinking water while only 11 percent of households are lacking a toilet.

How Habitat addresses the need in Myanmar

Since January 2014, HFH Myanmar and its partner World Concern have been working in 11 villages to improve 965 families’ health through water and sanitation facilities such as wells, water points and latrines as well as two rural health centers. Local communities are involved in raising personal hygiene standards and families make decisions to build their own sanitation facilities. In addition, HFH Myanmar has built a cyclone shelter to reduce the risks from future disasters. Help support Habitat for Humanity’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Help build homes, community, and hope for families in need in Myanmar!

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Global Village is Habitat for Humanity’s international volunteer program. Teams travel to over 40 countries to work alongside communities, build housing solutions, and experience local culture. Our goal is to change the lives of the people we serve, as well as the lives of the volunteers.

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