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Guarambare, Paraguay (November 2014)

What better time to give back than on Thanksgiving?  I spent Thanksgiving 2014 in Paraguay volunteering with Habitat for Humanity‘s Global Village Program, the second time I chose to volunteer internationally on this important American Holiday.

We had a wonderful time.  We build for the family of Victor and Edith and their three children.  It was a short stay, but we got so much accomplished.  It was HOT and despite the fact that one day was completely rained out, we made good progress.  The farewell ceremony was as touching as ever, with the family making impassioned speeches while tears streamed down everyones faces.

Perhaps the most unexpected moments of the trip came on Thanksgiving itself, when the family, neighbors and Habitat for Humanity staff prepared a fantastic lunch, complete with hand-turkey and pilgrim decorations for our team.

It was an experience I won’t soon forget and look forward to sharing more stores with you!