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Phuket, Thailand (October 2013)

When I returned from Kenya in August, I was happy and satisfied.  Traveling always gives me a feeling of adventure, but I was ready to “settle down” for a while!  However, that was not in the cards…

Shortly before I went to Africa, a good friend called with a request:  would I be willing to take over leadership of a team she was planning to lead to Thailand in October?  Wow.  A 14,000 mile journey in August followed by a 17,000 mile trip in October?  Could I survive?  Well, might as well try. 🙂

This was a great way to get me “out of Africa” and into volunteering in additional destinations!  I’m thankful that it turned out as it did.  We had a small but mighty team that spent 2 weeks in Phuket building, helping, touring and taking it all in.  It was also the first time I had  “repeat volunteer” on a trip – what a great experience!