Antsirabe, Madagascar (October 2023)

This team is FULL! We are excited to travel in October to Antsirabe, Madagascar where we will help several families construct new homes.

Despite an abundance of natural resources, more than 75% of people in Madagascar live on less than $1.90/day.  Over 77% of the urban population in Madagascar lives in slums and in the capitol of Antananarivo, informal settlements make up between 60 to 70 percent of dwellings.  These houses often have large holes in the roofs, decaying walls, dirt floors or overcrowding. With only 10% of the adult population having access to a bank account, most people do not have the resources they need to improve their lives.

Our team will  partner with families in the town of Antsirabe, in central Madagascar. Families are required to begin saving prior to constructing their home to demonstrate their capacity and willingness to actively participate. They then help to build the homes and pay the costs forward on a no-profit, no-interest loan over about five years. Our goal will be to build several houses each with a detached latrine.

About the Global Builders Program

Global Builders is The Fuller Center for Housing’s short term volunteer program, sending teams on domestic and international home-building trips, where partner families help build the homes and then will repay the cost on a no-interest basis to help more local families. All trips are hosted by our trustworthy Fuller Center covenant partners around the world, who love having volunteers join them in serving God by partnering with the poor. 

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About The Fuller Center for Housing

The Fuller Center for Housing, faith-driven and Christ-centered, promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need worldwide. Their foundational principles include the beliefs that: We are part of a God movement, and movements don’t just stop. We have been called to this housing ministry; we didn’t just stumble into it. We are unashamedly Christian, and enthusiastically ecumenical. We aren’t a church but we are a servant of the Church. We are faith-driven, knowing that after we’ve done all we can do the Lord will help finish the job — something that requires us to stretch beyond our rational reach. We are a grass-roots ministry, recognizing that the real work happens on the ground in communities around the world through our covenant partners — so a large, overseeing bureaucracy isn’t needed. We try to follow the teachings of the Bible and believe that it says that we shouldn’t charge interest of the poor, so we don’t. Government has a role in our work in helping set the stage, but that we shouldn’t look to it as a means to fund the building of homes.

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This post contains information provided by the Fuller Center for Housing.  Their help and support is much appreciated.

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