Update: Gloria’s family is home!

Hola!  In January, I participated in a volunteer team with Habitat for Humanity‘s Global Village program in Nicaragua.  You may have read about that trip in my previous post. 🙂  Well, if you’ve been wondering…this family has recently moved into their new home.  How fantastic!

When we arrived in San Ceyatano, Nicaragua, our team found Gloria (27 ) living with her husband Fredy (28) and their daughter Ashly (age 6) in a one-room metal structure with a dirt floor, which turns to mud when it rains due to holes in the roof and walls. Fredy works as a mason earning about US$110 monthly to support their family.  Neither Gloria nor Fredy were able to continue their schooling after high school.  Gloria is suffering from an extreme kidney infection, while Fredy has chikungunya, a mosquito-borne illness. Their daughter, Ashly, is in her first year of primary school but often misses class because of illnesses due to the poor conditions of the home.

Over the course of one week, our team of volunteers built a safe and durable home for this family.  When we left Nicaragua, local masons were hired to complete the floor and roof.  Now we’ve received word that their home is complete!  Below are some photos – the smiles say everything.

Gloria_1 Gloria_2 Gloria_3

Thanks to everyone who participated in this project in any way – team members, supporters who made donations or sent positive thoughts, and Habitat for Humanity who enabled this work.  Stay tuned for the next chapter and contact me if you’d like to be a part of a future team!