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Post Script to “Primary School in Malawi”…

My last post seems to have instigated some discussion – thanks for the messages!  After posting, I watched a wonderful documentary that I many of you may enjoy, so I wanted to share the details.

“On the Way to School” chronicles a few of the physical struggles that some families around the world have to overcome in order to allow their children to attend school.  Reviews  from New York to LA are positive yet hesitant – raising the issue of the depth of the stories in the face of beautiful landscapes and a somewhat glorified depiction of these rural families.  Despite these potential criticisms, I think this movie is a great reminder to those of us who think that a good education is an expectation, rather than a privilege.  Based on my travels, the stories are very real and the children will make you smile. 🙂

I watched “On the Way to School” for free through my local library, but you can also get a copy via iTunes, NetFlix, and other online services.